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Donations To Project

Post by IronDragon » Wed Feb 27, 2019 6:33 pm


First and foremost -- You are all amazing. I can't Thank You enough for the donations I have already received. I started this project back up because of the childhood memories and what a great game it was, not to profit off it. It really does make the time I have spent on this already a little more rewarding. More rewarding though is seeing LIVE streams of this game ~20+ years later. More rewarding is seeing all of the "old" faces and names. I am sure you all feel the same way, but this was most of our child hood. Thank You for bringing back great memories.

**Stepping off the sappy soap box** Now, Down to business.... Few things to know.
  • First and foremost I don't ever plan to charge for this, however since you guys have opened up the doors I would like to see the donations continue to really help with future costs of the project. There are some software subscriptions that would really help, hosting costs, and more that either I already incur or may increase if this continues. Not to mention I have a bad back and further broke my office chair sitting here to much pounding out code. So a fancy gaming chair could be perk. :lol:
  • The point is, I want you to know where your money goes. All donations received are e-mailed to me and I am saving that in a folder. Down the road a "Premium" version or "Features" could be a possibility. What that would look like I don't know, but should that happen I would for sure do some type of a credit to "Founders" who donated now (think Kickstarter). Please make sure the e-mail you donate with is the same as on your account or let me know otherwise. Again, This is just forward thinking, not a current plan.
  • Lastly, those that have asked or have not yet Donated - there is a button on the Testing Directions Page on the website. It may look funny when you don't see me or "Shocking-Games", buy I am using an existing business account I have for the time being. I may change it down the road, but yes it's legit and I will receive it. This was the quickest option when you all started asking me.
  • Lastly, as the community grows there has been interest in other projects (cough)"SpellBinder". No promises, but the funds could be used to expand the community and bring other games (old and new) to draw more attention to this game and others.
Again, I just want to say Thank You for the support. Together again we will make this a success!

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