Patch Notes *Updated 3-14-2019*

Here you can find important updates and announcements about the game.
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Patch Notes *Updated 3-14-2019*

Post by IronDragon » Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:47 pm

- When you 'splat' someone you now receive 3 points instead of 1. This means 3 hits and a splat is worth 6 points.
- When you get splatted you now take a penalty of 2 points.
- Free For All mode will now be a random team color when the match is created. Everyone will join that team. This way everyone joins that team, will see those players on the map, etc. This will also fix the match screen so you can see who is in the match.

- The issues with duplicate players, wrong names, etc has hopefully been tracked down and fixed.
- Fixed an issue causing points to appear to reset if they exceeded 255 in a match.
- Fixed arena creation. You can now create 15, 30, 45, or 60 minute games.

- Some tweaks have been made to data sent when you enter a match. This *might* fix some duplicate names or characters in a match, but further bug testing needs to occur. It is NOT fixed.
- High Scores will now display your total match wins. A win means that your team had the most flag points at the end of the game, and you played at least 5 minutes.
- The INVITE button for Squads now partially works. Although players will get the notification to join.... the code is NOT yet complete and you CAN NOT join a squad. This is still a work in progress.
- The squad "Leave" button now works correctly. If you wish to leave the default "Tstr" squad you may also do so.
Please note, if you leave your current squad the in-game invite system is still not functioning and you can not re-join it. Be sure you want to leave it.
As a reminder you can use the in game command !sqinfo <Tag> to see a list of members and leader's for each squad.

- Splat Park has had server side map updates to fix the yellow base "safe zone" issue.
- Found a bug in the server code that made the flag register less often when dropped on a base. Flag points should work much better now.

- Removed the !u and !unsplat commands.
- Fixed the bases and flag abilities in Silly Splat and Castle Splat.
- Tweaked balloon to have a splash area effect. This will likely need further tweaks.
- Data packet tweaks that will hopefully fix SOME client crash issues when you enter a match, please post in the bug reports forum if this is still happening to you!

- Continued work on the Squad System server support, for future updates.
- you can now view a Squad's Members and Leader by typing !sqinfo <Tag>

- Points will now display properly in the character manager screen. Other Stats such as hits are still broken.
- Fixed another point bug, this should slow down how fast people gain points and level up.
- All points have been reset to zero to test the point system fixes. Enjoy!
- Free For All (FFA) mode is now implemented and can be used when you create a match. In general this should work, if you find bugs please report them. Also note in game as well as in the tavern it will still say "Classic" this will be fixed at a later time.
- Guard the Flag and Team flag match types will now give an error when you make these match types. This is until I can actually implement those rules and matches.

- Fixed more issues with old characters being corrupted.
- Squad functionality has been improved. See our facebook group for details on how to have me manually create your squad. In game functions are still on the to-do list.
- Sponges no longer regenerate, you will need to pick them up.

- Tonight's test went very well and the big announcement and change since our last update is the "classic" flag game mode is now fully functioning. You can now grab a flag, return it to your own home base, and collect points. The team with the most points at the end of the match wins! Please note: minor tweaks and bug fixes are still happening, but the system is fully functioning as-is.
- Cleaned up some character data packets, this should ease some crashes players experienced.
- Character "model" will now be saved correctly when you make a character, and will now display correctly in matches.
- As pointed out before, you are playing on the "live-development" server. The server will be up and down, and many changes are rapidly happening with out announcement. Many other bug fixes have gone in and will continue to do so.

- Continued work on the Squad System. Database functionality implemented, as well as sending of squad data to the client. Squad Creation is not yet functioning client side, but close. Right now this data is manually manipulated.
- Castle Splat and Silly Splat have now been enabled. This leads a path into also implementing old splatterball maps (Splat West).

- Splat Lake now only allows Red and Green Teams.
- Characters were not displaying the correct team color in a match, this has been fixed.
- Your points will now display in a match, however other players still do not show. You will now lose 2 points if you are splatted. Overall -- Points should work correctly now.
- All 4 guns are now functioning, and believed to be working correctly.
- When you clicked on a match, you did not see who was on which team. This is now fixed.
- How many Sponges you have will now show correctly. You still can not pick up sponges, however much like "health" in other games they will regenerate if you don't get splatted.
- All points (except for the characters I am testing with) have been reset to 0 to allow everyone a fair start.

- To give some type of objective, each HIT and each SPLAT generate 1 point. In Game Scores do not yet show, however rest assured your score will get saved plus a match % bonus at the end of a match.
- High Scores are now partially functioning. Those points you accumulate above you can now actually use for bragging rights on the high score screen. (Wins are totaled, but currently show 0).
- The "!u or !unsplat" command has been disabled as the Un Splat Pads will now function. Note: this is not a SAFE ZONE yet, and certain teams do not re-spawn (just clear splats).
- Lots of "under the hood" improvements including adding the 4th team (Mage Server was only 3 teams).

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