Getting Started - Download and Create Account

Here you can find important updates and announcements about the game.
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Getting Started - Download and Create Account

Post by IronDragon » Wed Feb 27, 2019 9:27 am

I know most of you just want to jump in the game, so I will keep this straight to the point.
  • Create an Account Here[
  • Download The Game Here
  • Extract the ZIP File to it's *OWN* folder. Make sure ALL the files are extracted.
  • Run the SBPlusLauncher.exe file
  • Optionally, Right click on SBPlusLauncher.exe and hit "copy", Right click on your desktop and hit "Create Shortcut" for easy access.
** MAC USERS ** - Click Here for a Work Around to play!

That's it! Please read these forums thoroughly before asking questions or reporting bugs that have already been discussed. Enjoy!

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