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Splatterball: Plus Site now online - Posted by IronDragon on June 1st, 2017.
Welcome to all of our Splatterball Degenerates on facebook! I am actively working on the new revival project for Splatterball! Please tell all your friends and if you have not already done so please join us on facebook!!!

Thanks all!

Many of you have asked to help donate to the project. Please understand this is a part time project and completion is NOT guaranteed. Please keep in mind I make NO GUARANTEES. All donations will be split between server upgrades and costs and compensation for my time and effort. Donate only if you agree to these terms! PLEASE USE THE E-MAIL YOU REGISTERED WITH. In the future rewards maybe offered for donations, but this could be a long way down the road. Note: Because this paypal account is used from my other business you may see an Credit Card charges come up under "BCBALLRIDES" or "BC BALLOON RIDES". I currently have no way to split this, and this is the quickest way to get funds as the account already is setup.